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Moomiyo Mumie 20tb

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Best kept secret of the First Century re discovered in 2003.
From the foothills of the Himalayas to America by Lifepharma.Canada



Though Mumie has been used in folk medicine of different countries for almost two thousand years, there are still many legends regarding its mysterious origin. In Russia serious research has been conducted on Mumie since 1910. This research became even more intense during the past 20 years. Many investigations originate from Mumie's origin, which in the Middle Asia regions of the former USSR (Altay Kray,Kirgysia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan). This research was supported through government financing and conducted at major laboratories within the national science and medicine academies of these republics.

To locate the origin for the word Mumie one would have to go back 2,500 year to the time of the ancient philosopher and scientist Aristotle. He proposed the first procedures for testing the compound as well as its initial preparation in grape juice, honey and milk. Mumie is often used by ordinary persons to treat bone fractures and strains of muscles ligaments, stomach disorders, nervous and cardiovascular problems, the inflammation of joints, and impotence in both sexes. It is a good bio-stimulator and serves to elevate the immune system and neuro-hormoral regulation, control oxidation-reduction process, excellent antioxidant and has a positive influence on mineral metabolism. The most recent survey of the practical applications of Mumie have come from Moscow through the efforts of Dr.s A.A. Altamyshev and B.K. Kortshubelkov and supported by the Russian committee of cosmonautics. To date several hundred research investigations have been conducted on Mumie which clearly points to its mechanisms of actions and its usefulness.

New research indicates that Mummiyo may be nature's natural cancer killer. This cancer fighter is derived from 100% natural plant sources and it may prove to be the miracle medicine for the New Millenium. This ubiquitous substance has the composition and the ability to stimulate the bodys own immune system to fight systematic disease like all cancers. What we know that patients that take Mumie will have increased T-cell count, the immune cells that fights illness like cancers.Our white blood cells are the disease fighting cells of the human body. These highly specialized cells fight diseases we contact,such as flu and colds, as well as diseases that start within our own bodies ; such as cancer and other auto-immune diseases. There are many kinds of white blood cells and each has a specific job to do in fighting diseases. Mummiyo helps white blood cells called macrophages work better and faster. The macrophages job is to destroy and digest foreign material. So this means that the white blood cells can ingest more bacteria,microbes and cancer cells when they are strenghtened with Mumie. Scientist also discovered that Mummiyo increases the production of a chemical protein called Interleukin (IL-1); that is secreted by the macrophages. Interleukin has important immune enchancing properties. IL-1 alerts the resting white blood cells; 90% of white blood cells rest in reserve; and spurs them into action. The most important effect is the increase in the number of T-cells, the soldiers of the immune system. There are many different kind of white blood cells and by increasing the number of suppressor T-cells,helper T-cells the killer T-cells can more effectively destroy cancerous cells.

In sport Mumie is prized for its significant tonic and antibolic effect on both physical and mental processes. An important role in the formation of Mumie is a climatic conditions of the region from which it comes. Within this region are found many thousands of plants and herbs. For example, the Altay Mountain region is home to over 6,500 different plants, over half of which are not found anywhere else in the world. It is this great variety of highly bio-active material, combined with the proper climate (temperature, light,moisture and the tremendous pressure created by the weight of the mountain) which contributes to the development of Mumie.

The general character of this region facilitated the formation of specific plant forms enriched in oils alcoloids, glycosides, saponins, chlorophyll, carotenes, flavinoids, cumarines, etc., as each serving as a valuable raw material for the pharmeceutical and food industries. The diversity of plant materials causes a unique variability of animals in this region, and wild animals from this area differ biologically, from animals of other parts of the world characterized by a richer content of micro elements and biologically active compounds in their organs and muscles.

While Mumie samples from different regions may appear to have the same color (dark brown to black), smell (sweet), and consistency (tarlike), their chemical composition, and their usefullness in medicine and sport, if often different. Thanks to many years of experience by researchers and athletes, it is well accepted that Mumie from the Altay region is the most potent. Mumie is often harvested from the inside of mountain caves by collectors who then process the raw materials into a final extract.

From the ceilings of high mountain caves hang black iciles having a specific smell and bitter taste of Mumie. For this reason Mumie has been referred to as "mountain tear", "blood mountain", "balsam of rock". It is the digest of multitude of many flora at the crest of the mountains under very special conditions which produce the Mumie which then drops to the base of the caves where it can be collected. Because this special digest accumulates no more than twice a year, Mumie is a rare find. A kilo of extract may require the collection of many raw kilograms over a period of several months

The standard chemical makeup of Mumie was established at the Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Kirgizy Academy of Sciences by Dr. Sergeysarymsakov. He reported that the chemical compostition to contain over 30 micro-elements, which yield 30% of its total weight, ten metal oxides, 6 amino acids, steroids, b complex vitamins, certain essential oils, carbon, fatty acids, and resin/like compounds. Plant and mineral residues and extracted substances in water are 24, 97/30. 3%

Disorders such us arthritis,fibromyalgia,pms,menopause,...........responds quickly to Mummie.The immuno stimulating effects of Mummie, by increasing the number of T-cells in the blood, shows great promise in boosting the immune system to fight symtomatic diseases like Cancer, etc....

Increasing the number of circulating T-cells is very important in fighting disease.

Short term cyles of use (10/12 days) are all that is necessary to reach the stimulating (restorative and anabolic) effect of Mumie in sport. These cycles are often repeated 3-4 times after a fifteen/twenty day break. The effects include the activation of the anabolic process on the cell molecular level in different organs and systems. (Blood, liver, miocardium, skeletal muscles, lymphatic system, central and peripheral nervous systems, skin and hair, and gastro-intestinal tract).

Lower maintenance dose of Mummie is also highly beneficial under circumstances of physical and emotional stress

There other aspect of the benefits in the application of Mumie relates to is adaptogenic attributes. Like other adaptogens (eleuthrococcus, Ranatarin, Ginseng, etc.), Mumie can be effective at preventing age-related hormone-dependent disorders and correspondingly should be considered as a nutrient for anyone over the age of 40. An opinion exists (A.V. Blagovestshensky, Kologrivova, 1985) that the stimulating attributes of Mumie relate to the high content of dicarbonic acids (succine, glutamic and aspartic). These bioactive instances appear in the final substance as a result of oxidatuve deaminiation of amino acids during the long-term conservation (formation) period of Mumie (V.A. Vib, 1981). The same mechanism is thought to be responsible for Mumie's outstanding anti-inflammatory and healing effect. It's very beneficial at reducing joint soreness of the knees, shoulders and elbow.

In summary, Mumie continues to play........

MUMIE MOOMIYO should be taken on empty stomach, just before meals. One tablet DAILY -on empty stomack- for 20 days; take a 10 ten days rest and repeat the cycle.Do this 3 months in a row.



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Note: SHILAJIT is the version variety of the Mummio harvested and Made in India. Quality and processing is unknown.


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